Apparently I'm going to be someones wife!

Apparently I'm going to be someones wife!

Last week marked 50 days (less than 2 months) until my wedding. A day that seemed so far away when my fiancé and I thought about possible wedding dates back in March of 2016 when we first got engaged. 

It occurred to me that given my bridal business upbringing I should document as much of this as possible - then life/work/etc took over and I just didn't... until now.

The reality is I'm the still sorta tomboy-ish, daughter of a wedding gown designer, so wedding planning from my perspective should be interesting, right? Yes, I thought so too! 

So lets rewind....

I'm going to spare you all the details of my engagement story because Black Bride Magazine interviewed us and highlighted our photoshoot back in November. I will however get into the wtf's of the beginnings of my wedding planning journey until my wedding day - provided stress doesn't make me forget.

I found myself engaged March of 2016 after an amazing vacation in Mexico with my fiancé, Toro. I remember being so thrilled and then suddenly the sinking feeling of 'wow, I have an actual wedding to plan' - I immediately got nervous. Being of Nigerian decent, I knew we had a big event on our hands, lots of elements to factor in and lots of people to take into consideration. 

With a naturally chaotic mind, I knew I would need a thorough plan to attack this (notice how this has become a work like project). But alas, I come armed with the most organized Best Friend/Maid of Honour ever, Tameika, who sat me down (figuratively because she lives in Hong Kong) and built google docs and spreadsheets for me to use. 


I'm still in the midst of this planning stuff, so I will have loads of gems to share over the next few months plus some behind the scenes as me and my mother build, rebuild and navigate her craft of designing custom gowns for brides and their lovely parties.

- Amena aka The Bride to Be



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