I remember when I was younger, my mom would make me try on and photograph all of her latest designs. For all who know me, know I was a bit of tom boy growing up. This was a very annoying process as a 10 year old who just wanted to play outside with my friends, read or do gymnastics!

It wasn't until my early 20's, in my last year of university when I needed a dress rather quickly for my Commerce formal that I realized how absolutely awesome my mom truly was and genuinely appreciated her talents. She called me and asked me to measure myself, told me to trust her on the fabric type and told me to specify the style I was interested in. The result was a purple, cocktail dress that I still own until this day.

I think its important to note here that I always knew she was good, I was the kid who told any and everyone about my moms business, brought friends to her for their elementary school grad dresses and grade 12 prom dresses BUT it was this time that I really thought I should join in because this is really something special.

Creating 'The Amena' Gown

I've been a bridesmaid before and I know how stressful wedding gown shopping is. Especially when done in the "traditional" sense. You know, gathering all the bridesmaids, your mom, other family members to a boutique shop, maybe with champagne for when you find the dress. The bride comes out, dress after dress, good reactions, bad reactions and after a few hours she'd yes.

It's pretty freakin' magical. Everyone you love in one room helping you choose the dress you'll marry your best friend in.

For me, on the other hand, I wanted a much more creative experience when it came my wedding gown. Also, I wanted it to be an experience for both my mom and I, most importantly I wanted the dress to be a secret from everyone including my bridesmaids.

My mom and I started the process last summer, with her standard process of sketching the design with the bride, in this case, me.

Again having been in this world via my mother, I knew the styles that would look good on my body type and I already knew the styles I liked because my mom made me try on just about a million wedding gowns in my twenties. Something like a wedding gown guinea pig, if you will...

My criteria was as follows:

- form fitting

- lace

- low back

- removable skirt

- sweetheart neckline (with a little cleavage action) 

My mom got to work on that.


My first fitting:


Every step of the way was cool because we would try on the dress and make changes every month or so. Granted, its not necessary for the changes to occur that frequently but my mom and I were obviously heavily invested ;) For most brides, they will have an initial consultation and about 3 fittings in their design life cycle. 

Getting closer to the finished product. 

End result:

Bridesmaids dresses also designed and manufactured by ELADESIGNS (Elizabeth Lee Adeghe)

And of course, she designed and created her own Mother of the Bride dress too!

Interested in having your wedding dress/bridal party dresses designed by ELADESIGNS (Elizabeth Lee Adeghe)?

GTA/Halton/Niagara Region Brides - Contact us: elabridal@gmail.com for more information.

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