About Elizabeth Lee Adeghe

Elizabeth Lee Adeghe, a Canadian designer who studied all facets of the arts, opened her first boutique in 1999 in Brampton after years of creating on a client by client basis. Her second boutique opened its doors in 2008, in Ottawa.

After 20 years of designing under another brand name, two boutiques serving the greater Toronto and Ottawa area and a plethora of brides and bridal parties donning her work; Elizabeth Lee decided to completely re-vamp and re-launch her ‘new’ designer brand, under her name Elizabeth Lee Adeghe Designs in 2011. With her daughter, Amena by her side, assisting in the management of the brand, Elizabeth Lee hopes to continue focusing on creating timeless pieces for gorgeous brides everywhere.

  • For whole sale inquiries: sales@eladesigns.ca
  • For shop and other inquiries: info@eladesigns.ca